We provide effective IT solutions most suitable for small and medium size businesses. Our solutions make it much easier for you to manage your data, emails, photos and videos, files, and backups. We enable you and your team members to:

  • Store, retrieve, and organize documents in one place.
  • Manage all your incoming and outgoing emails from multiple devices – PC, phone, and tablet,.
  • Set up smartphones and tablets to access your files while in the office as well as while away from the office.
  • Quickly and easily scan and store your paper documents with smartphones and tablets.
  • Perform daily backups and remote backups of your valuable documents, emails, videos and photos.
  • Retrieve any accidentally erased files or photos and older versions of documents in matter of minutes.

We provide one-on-one and group training.  We can support your IT needs in your office in person or via remote connection.  We are located in Warrington, PA.

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Base Package for $2,995.00

Our Base Package includes:

  • One Desktop Computer
  • One Laptop Computer
  • One 2 TB Dual Redundant, Fault Tolerant Networked Hard Drive
  • One 2 TB Portable External Hard Drive to Store Your Backup Away from the Office
  • One Network Enabled, Black & White Laser Printer that is Accessible from your Smarphone and Tablet

Additionally, we will:

  • Configure and Synchronize your One Email Account on your Computer and Smartphone and also Implement Back Up of your Emails
  • Configure system for Automated Back Ups
  • Include a Configuration and Set-Up Manual

All for ONLY $2,995.00

Additional Services at $125.00 Per Hour

  • Remote Backup Set Up
  • iPad and iPhone Set Up and Training
  • Cloud Computing Set Up
  • Installation, Training, Tutoring, and Coaching for your Company's Hardware and Software
  • Training for QuickBooks, Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and More
  • Training for Notability (An Excellent Note Taking and Meeting Recording Tool)
  • Training for Scanner Pro (Scanning Software for Smartphones and Tablets)
  • Webcams and Surveillance Camera Installation with Remote Access
  • Printer and Router Installation and Set Up
  • Website and E-mail Set Up
  • Assistance Switching to a New Internet Providers, Such as Comcast or Verizon
  • Electronic Documentation of Production Assembly and Test Procedures
  • Support for ISO 9000, ISO 13485 and FDA cGMP Documentation and Certification

All Services Provided at a Fixed Rate of $125.00 Per Hour

Consider our Add-on Packages

Communication Add-on

  • Use multiple email accounts and archive and back up all email accounts
  • View incoming and outgoing emails from all email accounts in a unified inbox
  • Keep emails synchronized between different devices
  • Synchronize calendars and contacts across devices

Mobile Add-on

  • Get the most out of your iPhones and iPads
  • View any pictures you take on one device on all connected devices
  • Access phone calls and text messages on all your devices
  • Backup your photos and videos to your networked hard drive
  • Open and edit your Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents from your networked hard drive on your iPhone and iPad

Meeting and Presentation Add-on

  • Take handwritten or typewritten notes synchronized with audio recordings of your meetings, scan your whiteboards, and back them up to your networked hard drive
  • Present information from your iPad and iPhone on your projector
  • Record your presentations and meetings
  • Free online video conferencing with up to 10 people simultaneously, with the ability to show your desktop to all participants

Internet Ready Add-on

  • Access your data and archived emails from anywhere on a wide range of devices
  • Access your office computer remotely on your laptop or iPad
  • Share any file or folder — large or small — from your networked hard drive


Surveillance Add-on

  • Connect Wireless Surveillance Cameras to your network
  • View your cameras from from smartphones and tablets
  • Save and back up your footage to your NAS

Backup Add-on

  • Back up data in your office in a remote location
  • Save daily snapshots of your documents in the cloud to your NAS

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